More than you have seen
Enriching the interactivity between users and posters.

PostAR is an AR experience that brings richer content related to posters and also embedded in the real world environment by providing multiple AR activities give users more in-depth information within joyful AR experience.


Product Designer (UX & UI)
User flow diagrams, UX wireframe, mockups, prototyping, user testing plan,  visual design, digital tools support, design journal writing

| tools

Sketch,, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flinto, Affinity Designer, Framer, Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Unity 3D, vuforia, Xcode

| team

Team Cooper’s Angels:
Eason Pan, Fei Wang, Keyvan Mosharraf, Nicklas Nielsen, Stephanie Oey, Thalita Karina

| faculty advisor

Dr. Dave Fracchia

| client


This project is currently under NDA Research and Design phase. For protecting other stakeholders' privacy, I cannot directly post details with real content.


Our client allows us talking about things other than real content, such as learnings, thoughts and some innovative ways I used to solve different problems for this project.

Users' perspective changes in AR

The most significant change from regular app interface to AR app interface is the change of perspective. It changes from a 3rd person perspective to 1st person perspective.

Tweak the Interaction design

Meanwhile, users interact 3D objects on a flat surface.

For solving this problem, we came up with the idea of analyzing different layers in the AR world. I designed and led several rounds of prototyping and testing to prioritize these layers.

We were also not satisfied by the existing solution for the form of UI for our AR experience. I made three grey box UI form samples and brought them to our client meeting for demonstrating ideas, but also push the innovative project further.

A non-coding way to prototype Mobile AR Interface

To demonstrate the AR experience, a design prototype which always stays several steps ahead to the tech prototype is needed. The design prototype helps to illustrate ideas and test them before the development stage can save more time and resource.

However, there was no existing robust pipeline to do so; thus I planned a way to make it happen.

Screenshots in Maya ( only placeholder content, not real content)

Set lightings and camera in Maya to mimic the environment which presents in the poster to build the feeling of the character moving out from the poster.

For more details, let's have a chat and I will share more insights I found during this AR project.

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