Hi Chef (Concept)

Reimaging cooking learning

'Hi Chef' is a concept design made in 2015 focusing on devising an intuitive cooking learning experience which simplifies cooking learning and practising, powered by  IoT devices.

| role

Product Designer (UX & UI), Product Owner
User journey maps, user flow diagrams, UX wireframe, interface design, illustration, mockups

| tools

Sketch, draw.io, Photoshop, Illustrator

| team

This is a solo project


It is hard to follow video or image instructions while people are cooking at the same time.

reframing the problem

People have difficulties to perform well if they have different cooking habits and skill levels with the chef in tutorials.

Seeking Solutions

After considering some of the main concerns people had while learning cooking, I reframed the problem as to how might we make recipes meet people's taste, and transform the abstract information such as text and images to intuitive guidance.

Since this is a concept design, I tried to leverage the use of cutting-edge technology like IoT devices, although they are not ready yet to be in massive production for everyone to use.

User journey framework

I created journey frameworks to visualize an individual user’s needs and potential solutions.

Prepare like a Pro

Preparing ingredient and cookware can be messed up. With the delightful preparation guidance design in 'Hi Chef,' this will be just a piece of cake.

Customizing recipes and habits

providing the freedom for users to choose different flavours in recipes, and fit into both right-handed and left-handed users.

learning by doing

After research and interviews, I found that the fastest way also the easiest way to learn cooking is doing it. Thus, a step by step guidance was created to fit into this.

With the assistance of IoT devices, the experience of learning new recipes would be just like cooking something users are already known.

Business Model

It is essential for even a conceptual design project to come up with a reasonable business model.


Conceptual design and design fiction gives me the opportunity of imaging service and life in the future, and rise thinking about the possible learning that I need to catch up to produce my design better.

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